Happy Easter from Year 2

Happy Easter from Year 2

The Year 2 team and the entire class would like to wish all parents, guardians and carers a happy and relaxing Easter. 

The children have worked really hard over the last half term and have earned a well deserved rest. 

What will you be doing in your half term?

Mrs Hawken, Mrs Mackey and Mr Brown

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The Vicious Vikings!

A selection of some awesome Viking show and tell.
Lots of hard work has gone on at home – Thank you!

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Our Advent Promises

During this time of Advent, we have been thinking about how we can help others….

We have said we can help our:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Friends
  • Teachers

How could we help these people?

Is there anybody else we could help too?


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Lest we forget

Year 2 made some beautiful 3D Poppy tributes to all the fallen Heroes.

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Who can I trust and why?

What is trust?

Last week, we watched episode 2 of Hectors world. This lesson was important to us because it taught us who we could trust and why.

We know there are certain people we can trust, like our family and teachers in school because these people are responsible.

Who else could we trust and why?


Here is the episode of Hectors world that we watched:


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This week in Science

Our Science Experiment

This week in Science we did an experiment to see how exercise can affect our bodies.

We did 5 different activities in the playground which included walking, running, jumping, skipping and sitting.

We were asked to see if our heart was beating quickly; if we were hot; if we were tired and if we felt sweaty.

We collected our results and then completed some sheets to show our results. You can  see these below:

How do you think you would feel after doing these exercises?


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The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London 1666

This week, we have watched this birds eye view video of Pudding Lane in 1666. It is set the day before the fire of London began.

As Samuel Pepys saved his cheese and wine, we imagined what precious belongings we might save from the great fire…. and why.  🙄 

I would save my…because…” 

Why don’t you tell us what you would save and why?


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